3.1 How do I get started?

Imagine that the workspace in the middle of your screen is your desk. In front of you lies a double page spread; this is the main design area for your photobook. On the left hand side you will find your photos, on the right hand side are the design templates. The photobook page overview is located underneath the work area. Here you can quickly move between the pages of your photobook. There are many layout formats to pick to best compliment your photographs. We suggest that you keep all the photos you wish to use in one folder and keep it in an easily accessible place such as your desktop. This way you can view all of your available images at a glance.

Once you have started your book, make sure you save your work. Please ensure that you save your work intermittently throughout your design.

3.2 How do I arrange my images?

FULLCIRCLE iDESK provides layout templates so that you can easily arrange your pictures and text. You can use different templates for every page and adjust them how you wish. All the templates and backgrounds are available on the right hand side of the main design area. Simply drag the desired template onto the page using the mouse to start working with it.

You can also design your own layout and use this throughout your design.

Currently we are unable to accept PDF files that have been designed externally to the FULLCIRCLE iDESK software. You will need to complete your photobook exclusively within FULLCIRCLE iDESK. However, if you wish to follow our design guidelines, you are most welcome to download the design brief from our website, or please contact us at mail@fullcircleprint.co.uk for more information.

3.3 Which books can I make?

Photobooks are extremely versatile and can cater for every idea you have. Choose your own personal cover and the amount of pages you need. The amount of pages varies depending on what format and product you choose. All of our books start from 26 pages and increase in 8 page increments to maximum 106 pages.

We currently have available 4 sizes for your photobook. It will be bound with a hardcover. Below you will find their dimensions along with the minimum and maximum amount of pages per book.

Product Name Min Pages Max Pages Approx Size
Portrait (A4) 24 106 21 x 28
Landscape (A4) 24 106 28 x 21
Large Landscape (A3) 24 106 36 x 28
Large Square 24 106 30 x 30

3.4 Can I scan images?

You can scan paper prints, slides (if your scanner has the ability) or even sketches and drawings. Scan the picture in at 300 dpi and roughly to the scale you would like it to appear in your photobook.

3.5 How do I update the software?

FULLCIRCLE iDESK will always ask if you wish to check for updates. If an update is available, FULLCIRCLE iDESK will always ask for your permission before downloading.

Full Circle also have a design service

Did you know we also have a design service?

Here at Full Circle we have a dedicated in house design team who will discuss your brief and then create unique artwork that is ready to Print. Please contact us for a quote.