2.1 What are the system requirements?

The FULLCIRCLE iDESK software is compatible with all Windows® operating systems (from 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7).

Memory: 200 MB minimum for installation plus additional free space for your Photobook

Processor: AMD Athlon, or Pentium III, 1 GHz or faster recommended Disk space to install application: 100MB

Should FULLCIRCLE iDESK take a long time to start please check that your computer meets our system requirements. Older computers may struggle to perform at the required processing speed.

2.2 Must I have to have an Internet connection?

Internet access is required for downloading, updating the photobook software and to order your completed photobook. You must also have an Internet connection for the initial start-up of the photobook software. It is recommended that you have a broadband Internet connection or equivalent. If you are using wireless Internet, please try to connect directly to your router or download the software nearby the router to gain the best signal strength for the upload of your photobook design.

However should you wish to order your photobook design via cd, please send to the below address for processing along with a cover note with you details, please note that orders placed via CD will take a little longer to process.

Atrium House,
574 Manchester Road,
Blackford Bridge,

2.3 a) Can I use my digital photographs?

There are many advantages to digital photographs – you can view the pictures on your PC or e-mail them to friends. However not every digital image is suitable for printing. A photograph that looks good on screen may be difficult to print. If the resolution is too low it will affect the printed quality. We suggest that your digital photographs are always taken at the highest resolution to ensure the best standard of print.

2.3 b) Can I use non-digital images?

You are certainly able to use non-digital photographs. When using the FULLCIRCLE iDESK software to create your photoook you may use photographs from a digital camera or photos that have been scanned. For the images to be useable they should be scanned in at a minimum resolution of 300 dpi and saved in the RGB format, ideally as JPEGs. Scans of 150 dpi and 72 dpi will be too low in quality to be used, however will still be printed. Due to the nature of the original image, you may find the FULLCIRCLE iDESK software will warn you if you use a low resolution image. If so, you should either replace it with a higher resolution photograph or resize the image box.

Your photobook order will be printed at 300 dpi, any image that does not meet this requirement will be given an on screen warning. This is called the Image Quality Indicator. Once an image has been placed into the layout window, the indicator will show whether the resolution is adequate for the desired size. If an image is deemed too low in resolution for your design, you will receive a triangle with an exclamation mark in the centre of this image.

Low Resolution Image

You can still use images that are of a less resolution, and will be able to continue with ordering by ignoring these warnings and proceeding. Where necessary, please correct these images until the warning frame disappears. However, should you still decide to use the images at the selected resolution, Full Circle Print does not accept any liability.

2.4 Are my images of a high enough quality?

Photobooks are all printed at 300 DPI. Therefore the resolution of your images must be 300dpi. Using images with a larger dpi will not improve your book as our printer is set to print at 300 dpi.

2.5 What colour format/space should I use?

Colour reproduction changes from screen to screen therefore the colours in the printed book may differ slightly to your digital photographs. You may also notice differences between different manufactures and medium of print.

Please use the RGB or sRGB colour format to ensure that the colours will remain as close to your digital photograph as possible. If your photographs are in the CMYK mode, please convert them to RGB.

Full Circle Print recommends all of your images to be in RGB or sRGB format/space. If your images are in CMYK, please convert them to RGB. We are unable to offer colour or ICC profiles.

2.6 Which image format should I use?

You can use images saved in all established formats (BMP, JPEG, TIFF, PNG), however we recommend saving your files as JPEGS to avoid complications.

Currently we are unable to accept PDF files that have been designed externally to the FULLCIRCLE iDESK software. You will need to complete your photoook exclusively within FULLCIRCLE iDESK.

2.7 Can I use any font?

The FULLCIRCLE iDESK software lets you add captions to your photos, even text or poems. You can create your text in any size or colour. To enable correct reproduction, the fonts that you can use are limited to the fonts supplied as standard with the software. Currently 84 fonts type are supported within the software. Should you have any concerns, please contact us at mail@fullcircleprint.co.uk.

Full Circle also have a design service

Did you know we also have a design service?

Here at Full Circle we have a dedicated in house design team who will discuss your brief and then create unique artwork that is ready to Print. Please contact us for a quote.