5.1 How do I contact Full Circle Print about my photobook?

You can contact Full Circle Print by phone, Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm on 0161 766 3385 or via e-mail: mail@bfullcircleprint.co.uk

You are most welcome to come and visit us, though this is by appointment only. Please contact us on the above details.

Full Circle Print offer a design service and can offer design support. Please contact us on the above details.

5.2 What happens if I use low quality images?

Your order will be printed at 300 dpi, any image that does not meet this requirement will be given an on-screen warning, this is called the Image Quality Indicator. The indicator will show whether the resolution is adequate for the desired size. If an image is deemed too low in resolution for your design, you will receive a triangle with an exclamation mark in the centre of this image.

You can still use images that are of a less resolution, and will be able to proceed with ordering by ignoring these warnings and proceeding. Where necessary, please correct these images until the warning frame disappears. However, should you still decide to use the images at the selected resolution, Full Circle Print does not accept any liability.

5.3 Is my data protected?

There is always a risk exchanging data via the internet, as data may be lost due to viruses. Protect your system with an updated virus protection program and a firewall and regularly save data on an independent data medium such as an external hard disk or DVD-RW.

5.4 How is my Photobook made?

Depending on the format chosen, your book will be manufactured using the latest digital printing technology and stitch and glue binding process to assure long lasting durability.

The hardback cover is also produce in the same manner, though this will be glued to the hardcover and fully wrapped around, enabling you to print on the spine and design just as you would with our other Full Circle Print products.

5.5 What paper does Full Circle Print use?

Our books are printed on semi-gloss finish paper with a weight of 170gsm. The Full Circle Calendars are printed on 210gsm semi-gloss also. All of our hardcover and paperback books are printed via an Xerox 700 using the four colour CMYK process. The cover of all our hardcover books are printed on 190gsm with a cardboard gloss lamination.

The end papers used to join the cover of your book to the inlay are white with a weight of 170gsm. As this is stock paper, we can not print on these pages.

Full Circle also have a design service

Did you know we also have a design service?

Here at Full Circle we have a dedicated in house design team who will discuss your brief and then create unique artwork that is ready to Print. Please contact us for a quote.